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Advance Drills – Custom Made Drill Bits & Tools

Advance Drills Inc. is a supplier of industrial products and tools based in Central Florida and offers Custom and Standard Tooling, for all Applications Large or Small. Specialists for Specific Needs Drill Bits or all other Tooling. We strive to build lasting relationships and continue to provide a large selection of useful products at a great price. Our salespeople have the expertise to help you solve a problem, build a custom solution, and find exactly what you need to get the job done.


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Phone: 407-478-2487 Fax: 407-678-7414


If it is Manufactured, We’ll have it, or we will have it manufactured for you!

Custom and Standard Tooling, for all Applications Large or Small. Specialists for Specific Needs Drill Bits or all other Tooling.

Our basic business principles are to use the highest and best quality materials.

We assure you of the best Products, Service, and Price available!

Customized Drill Bits

As a leader in the distribution of high performance customized drill bits. Advance Drills Inc. offers custom and standard tooling for all applications small or large. We are specialists for each of our customers’ individual drill bits and tooling needs. It’s our mission to establish lasting relationships with each person in order to create solutions and find exactly what you need to get the job done.

We also provide a large selection of useful products at a great price that works best for you. When your specific drilling application requires a custom drill bit or you’re looking for added performance and efficiencies, you can count on Advance Drills to be there for you every step of the way.

Our custom solutions begin and end with you so we can fully understand our customers. With years of experience in supplying drilling products in multiple industries, we assure you that we can find the right tool for you out of our full line of quality standard products. When you choose Advance Drills Inc. you will find that we have no shortage of products that will help make your life easier.

Some of our products include:

The Carbide Tipped Wood Auger – which combined with a hardened steel cutting spur allows the bit to bore holes in all types of wood quickly and efficiently, leaving little or no residue. Compared to other auger bits, the carbide tip requires less torque to operate and can be used with electric, air, gasoline, or impact drill motors. The customized carbide cutter is brazed into the steel body, which gives our customers a true hardened steel cutting edge.

Annular Cutters – HSS, Armor Plated, and TCT Hornet. These cutters set the standard for hole-making drills in the industry, which are ideal for heavy-duty use on-site or in the shop. Our cutters use CNC precision grinding that allows you to be extremely detailed when grinding surfaces in a way that is unmatched by manual, levers, and stand-alone CAD and CAM systems.

Drill Motors Our MAB/MDM series is our top generation of portable magnetic drills. One of the advantages to our drills is the integrated cable routing within the casing that eliminates the possibility of the cable getting caught, tearing, or snapping off ergonomically positioned controls.

Masonry Drill Bits – These customary drill bits like our carbide tipped “A” taper shank masonry hammer bits are designed to fit into an “A” taper chuck adapter that lets your masonry bit to be used with almost any current or discontinued model hammer drill.

Mercer Abrasives –  Founded in 1968, Mercer Tool Corp. has been supplying professionals of all trades with a full-line of high-quality, cost-effective abrasive products. From dry walls to flooring, automotive and industrial, turn to Mercer Abrasives to get the job done. Mercer offers a full line of superior-quality abrasive products including carbide blades, high speed cut-off wheels, diamond blades to cut through hard materials, stainless and carbon steel wire wheels, files and rasps, and much more. Mercer offers the products professionals want at the best prices! Search our products below or contact us for more information on Mercer Abrasives

With customizable drill bits and tooling accessories becoming more popular as the end-users transition from operating standard bits and drills to more impact tools. Advance Drills Inc. will continue our commitment to providing you a partnership you can trust in supplying top quality products, multiple customization options, and cutting-edge tool performance that exceeds your expectations. Read more on Drill Bits for Different Industries.

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 If at any time you have questions, need special drill bits or tooling or you are unsure about the proper tooling for the job.  Our staff will assist you with the proper drills and tooling, and its proper use, and help resolve problems. Just all the highest American Made quality drill bits and tools at the lowest prices.

We are working hard to provide all of the products that we carry. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 407-478-2487 or send us an email to

Pictures, Features, and Specifications:

Advance Drills Inc. has made every effort to provide accurate pictures, features, and specifications for your information.  We do reserve the right to make changes in design, appearance, and construction of all products listed herein.


Advance Drills Inc. reserves the right to discontinue the availability of any products.