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Pictures, Features and Specifications

 Advance Drills Inc. has made every effort to provide accurate pictures, features, and specifications for your information. We do not, however, imply or express a warranty that the products are exactly as depicted and photos within our site. We do reserve the right to make changes in design, appearance, and construction of any and all products listed herein without incurring any obligation in making such changes in products previously sold or transferred. Advance Drills Inc. reserves the right to discontinue the availability of any products at such time as such action is considered necessary.

For over thirty years, “Advance Drills Incorporated”, has been another one of the industry leaders for design, production, of carbide tipped drill bits and accessory items. We strive to supply the highest quality tooling, and maintain the best customer service and engineering, possible and that you receive the Best American Made Products and Service.

Our dedication to research and development has produced many fine products, such as our line of carbide tipped wood boring Augers. Research and development is an everyday part of our operation. In fact, we can produce one piece carbide tipped Augers in lengths and diameters that other manufacturers simply cannot match.
Our motto is, “If the law of physics allows it, We can Manufacturer it for you.”

After years of testing custom manufacturing, refining, and listening to many professional industries like yours, we have help develop carbide tipped Augers for boring long,large diameter holes that make all other drill bits in your tool inventories obsolete! Many milled out of single piece of hss steel, with custom designed heavy duty lead screws and a specially modified high grade carbide cutting tips. You’ll have no doubt that our wood boring carbide tipped drill bits are designed for the serious industrial wood craftsman, productive manufacturer and repair engineers!


Contributing to the lower cost-per-hole design of the carbide tipped wood boring Augers can be re-sharpened, or even completely rebuilt if necessary. This gives the carbide tipped wood boring drill bits the ability to outlast ordinary carbon steel wood boring bits an average of one hundred times to one, under normal conditions, dramatically cutting your yearly tooling expense!

No more worrying about spot-welded fluting coming loose half way through a hole, stopping your job dead in its tracks! No more wasted time or money having a longer shank welded onto your present bit in order to do a job! “Advance Drills Incorporated”carbide tipped wood boring Augers come in standard sizes up to four feet in length, with even custom manufacture larger sizes available for your specific needs! No more time wasted clearing your holes, particularly in hard woods and treated lumber and glulam, because the fluting on your present bits isn’t long enough or proper flute relief for the holes you’re drilling. The four-foot carbide tipped wood Augers comes with a standard 44″ of fluting, in diameters of up to 1 ¾”. Need a longer bit? Give us a call! Our custom designed lead screw pulls the carbide tipped wood Augers quickly through the wood, while drilling a truer hole without run out or blow out than your present drill bits do!

You will be dealing with one of the most respected manufacturers/ distributors of carbide-tipped Augers in the industry. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, Many of you have been in the Log Home -Timber Industry for years, and we recognize many of your needs due to the vast number of you that we have listened to and aided in helping save thousands of dollars and giving you tooling that works for your specific needs. But, if you happen to run across a drilling problem, please give us a call, you will be talking to an engineer that has been in this specific industry for years!  There’s a good chance we can help, and you’ll find  we are sincere in being an asset to you and your needs!

If you don’t see it, just call us and ask!

Not all tooling is listed on this website. We are working hard to provide all of the products that we carry. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 407-478-2487 or send us an email to


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