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Dowel Drills – Carbide Tipped

Dowel Drills – Carbide Tipped Two Cutting Edges, 2 Flute Body, Short Shank

Solid tungsten carbide cutting head with 2 flutes and centre point for drilling tear free holes in solid timber or plastic/veneer laminated panel materials. Cylindrical 10mm diameter standard shanks with fixing flat for grub screw and length adjusting screw. Applications of these drills are common in Point to Point CNC boring machines, hinge boring machines and special boring machines when a tear free dowel holes and blind holes are required. The body is designed with 2 flutes and a “heel” or “double landing” (Twinland) type, and it has almost the same diameter as the carbide cutting head. These drills perform better on machines with insufficient guidance during the boring and return stroke. The drill has better guidance during the exit stroke to avert tear outs at the edge of the hole as the drill exit the work piece.


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