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ProLube™ Lubricants for Magnetic Drills & Saws

Lubricants ideal for cutting steel, stainless steel and hard metals.

Cutting tools work cooler, longer and more efficiently with ProLube™ Lubricants from CS Unitec.

  • Improve cutting tool output and performance
  • Prolong tool life by reducing friction and wear
  • Unique composition provides excellent adhesion to cutting tools for maximum lubrication
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Ideal for saw blades and drill bits
  • Non-toxic
ProLube Cutting Tool LubricantsHigh film strength – stays on for the cut!
ProLube Liquid Cutting Tool Lubricant ProLube Liquid
Water soluble 16:1
CS 7010-504 – 1 gal. bottle
ProLube Solid Cutting Tool Lubricant ProLube Solid
CS 7020-013 – 1.6 oz. push tube
CS 7020-000 – 14.5 oz. push tube
ProLube Cutting Tool Lubricant Paste ProLube Paste
CS 7030-712 – 12 oz. tub




Air Tool Lubricants for Pneumatic Tools

CS Unitec offers three types of lubricants for pneumatic tools:ProLube-ATL
A super-premium synthetic air tool lubricant. Provides maximum lubrication, cleaning and protection for portable air tools.ProLube-ATL/AF (anti-freeze)
ProLube-ATL/AF blend that prevents freezing and is ideal for operating air tools in cold climate conditions.Air Tool Line Conditioner:
For use in underwater air tools. Displaces moisture. Developed to inhibit rust and corrosion of air motors.
Air Tool Lubricant and Line Conditioner
1 gallon bottle Case (4 bottles)
Order No.
CS 7043-001
Order No.
CS 7043-002
1 quart bottle Case (12 bottles)
Order No.
CS 7049-003
Order No.
CS 7049-004
1 gallon bottle Case (4 bottles)
Order No.
CS 7049-001
Order No.
CS 7049-002
Air Tool Line Conditioner
1 quart/liter bottle
Order No. MS 9105





Cutting Oil for Magnetic Drills

Cutting Oil for Magnetic Drills
  • High-alloy cutting oil for heavy removal of metal, including stainless steel
  • Chlorine-free (MSDS on bottle)
  • Not necessary to dilute with water

Order No. ZHS 006 (quart)
Order No. ZHS 005 (gallon)

Upgrade your magnetic drill’s cooling system with arbors with automatic cooling .


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